Their experience in the market has helped them to ensure smooth riding of the boards. £70.00 + £44.24 postage. Their boards can withstand abuse and last for a long duration. 90-3MC. 264,941 people like this. However, this does not compromise quality. Day: January 22, 2007. Every board stands apart from others in terms of illustrations. The decks feature a huge variety of fun and animated images. Chris Carter, Neil Blender, and Mike Hill are the pioneers of this brand. Shop our huge selection of Chocolate Complete Skateboards at >> See also: Top 5 Best Cruiser Skateboards Of 2020, Via To See All The Element Skateboards. Find yours and represent! The large size of trucks and suitable hardness of the wheels gives more room to the riders to move around. When they were close to retirement, the two experts decided to put their passion into the trade. Several wheel dimensions and hardness are available in their product line, making it easier for you to pick your favorite. The wheelbase and truck material used in the products make it exceptionally flexible. Even the experts loved the dimensions of the deck, and the brand gained popularity in due course. Sun Series. Some features of their skateboards are as follows: As technology progresses, this company has been adapting to new ideas fairly quick. You can pick the wheels of your choice and ask for customized boards. Also, the deck is heavier than ordinary boards because it reduces the chance of wood chipping. My Cart: 0 item(s) Your Shopping Cart Is Empty . In fact, the performance of these boards boosts due to its dimensions, making it a perfect pick for all users. The best part is that the boards can withstand all kinds of abuse from the streets. See more of Chocolate Skateboards on Facebook. Additionally, participates in various other affiliate programs, and we sometimes get a commission through purchases made through our links. 263,294 people follow this. As Girl Skateboards came into its own, the owners were approached by friends and other professional skateboarders who knew a good thing when they saw it. The steering and handling of these boards become quite easy due to its construction. Listen now. Their board design focuses on cruising and smooth turning. Apr 17, 2014 - The best US pinterest board about Chocolate Skateboards. Boards have an added thickness, but this does not compromise their flexibility. See also: Top 8 Best Skateboard For Beginners. Chunk The World. The wheels come in a variety of sizes. Via To See All The Powell Skateboards. Element boards are available in a variety of colors and graphics. Ratings & Reviews See all » ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ 4.8 stars from 31 ratings. This is important to improve the tuning and stability of the boards. So think well before leaping. The thrill of skateboarding is beyond explanation for many. Chocolate skateboards review. The mid-range concave offers plenty of space when learning and practicing new tricks. Yonnie. Each of their boards has vertically laminated bottoms and top surfaces, for better stability. With some of the top skaters in the world, Chocolate Skateboards has built their line of decks around a unique style base and clean design. Chocolate is proud to welcome Carl Aikens. #1. The company has mastered the art of skateboard production by coming up with exquisite designs regularly. The brand offers a wide range of skateboards under various categories, each befitting different skill level of the riders. Having viable skateboard trucks is essential to ensure smooth rides. Make offer - Chocolate Skateboards Choco Brenes 94 Deck - 8.75 New. Available in different dimensions, you can find a perfect fit for your unique needs without any issue. Formed in 1992, Birdhouse is the brainchild of Per Welinder and Tony Hawk. With their headquarters in Ohio, Alien Workshop has come a long way due to their innovative products. Each has a brand symbol and name engraved, making it fairly prominent among others. There is a skateboard out there for everyone! It is an ultimate preference of hardcore skateboarders, but that does not mean it is not for beginners. Powell Skateboards are known for their strong and durable skateboards. This makes it fit for beginners as well as the experts. Graphical illustrations on these boards stand apart from many others, and you can also customize your designs. Also, the board you are using can impact your skating skills. Available now in finer shops worldwide and on Their products score quite high when it comes to user-friendliness. The original Chocolate team was made up of Chico, Keenan Milton, Daniel Castillo, Richard Mulder and Gabriel Rodriguez to name a few with other big names such as Jerry Hsu, Marc Johnson also making a stop off on Chocolate during it’s 20 (plus) year history. This combination makes it resistant to abuse for a longer time as compared to other boards available in the market. Sun Series. You can also personalize your decks by asking for your favorite designs. 90-3MC. $90.00. X. This makes them catchy and interesting for people with great aesthetic preferences. This makes them sturdy and improves balance. Hence, lifting skates and performing tricks like up-kicks gets fairly easy for the riders because of top-quality parts. Reflective Series. It enhances the strength and durability of the decks. Download Wallpapers Shop Sun Bather Series. 90-3MC. An added detail is the use of air on these boards. This site uses cookies to provide and improve your shopping experience. Sort by: Featured Tags: Any. If you are a pro, you can practice and learn new tricks on these boards with minimum effort. Online shopping from a great selection at Sports & Outdoors Store. The latest from Pros Raven Tershy, Chico Brenes, Vincent Alvarez, Kenny Anderson and the rest of the Chocolate Crew. MINORITY 32inch Maple Skateboard . Via: And this is what makes it fall under the category of best skateboard brands. Made of nine layers of maple wood ensures its durability, Perfect for street, ramps, pools, skate parks, and other smooth areas. Sports tees, socks, and hoodies by Element will give you a complete sporty outlook. A group of such experts makes us believe that their products are user-oriented, which is why we have listed it under the best skateboard brands. Chunk The World. A few prominent features of their boards are as follows: Punked boards have a reputation of having a remarkable quality. Chocolate Skateboards, sister company of Girl Skateboards, is a brand created to extend the team of riders from Girl and bring a diverse look and expression to the skateboard scene. Plan B Skateboards is the company that has its base in California, USA. The wheels and bearings on the board are of high quality. The bearings used for these skateboards are ABEC 3, while their trucks provide optimal control and stability. Chocolate Cinema Video Archive. Apart from the pre-assembled boards, you can also select wheels of your choice from their wide wheel range. Helmets ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆ “ I am lookin for info on skateboarding safety specifically helmets. Skateboarding pros like Windsor James, Tommy Sandoval, Chris Wimer, and Dane Burman are working in this team. RAVEN TERSHY 90-3MC REFLECTIVE PRO MODEL CHOCOLATE DECK - 8.5. Most of their boards have ABEC 7 bearings making them resistant to shocks. Plus, they are also compatible with the trucks. The pace at which it has come under the heading of best skateboard brands assures its exceptional quality. Via To See All The Enjoi Skateboards. “I modeled these after the original Chocolate car series, so kept them fairly basic in design and limited the colors.” —Evan Hecox “I modeled these after the original Chocolate car series, so kept them fairly basic in design and limited the colors.” —Evan Hecox. It makes the deck lighter and stable. The solid aluminum 3" truck makes it durable. It depends on your riding skills. Sign In Cart 0. The wood on the deck is North American maple, and they use epoxy resin glue to keep it together. Chunk The World. You need to take care of your customers, fans, and fellow boarders. All Rights Reserved. Rather, the producers are constantly adding to their board line as they aim to provide boards for all levels of riders. The trucks on these boards come in various sizes. YONNIE CRUZ 90-3MC REFLECTIVE PRO MODEL CHOCOLATE DECK - 8.1875. Via To See All The Globe Skateboards. Also, the boards are pretty lightweight, making the overall ride quite easy. We recommend that you study and research the brands that may work out well for you. Not only are they famous for high-quality boards, but they are also selling other products. © 2020 Native Skate Store. Created by Rodney Mullen and distributed by Dwindle Distributions, Enjoi Skateboards is fairly new in the market. Log In. Along with that, they are also working on sports apparel like jackets, jeans, and jumpers. Sun Bathers. Get free shipping on all Chocolate skateboard decks. Shop. Only 1 left! However in early 2017, Thomas announced they’ll be carrying out independent distributions. Play. Chambers in the helium lines contain air, and these lines cover the entire deck. If you are starting at the sport, these skateboards can be very easy to carry around and learn new tricks. I opt-in to a better browsing experience. Along with that, you can also purchase their hardware set to fix any issues that come up while riding. The company majorly deals in skateboard and its supplies. Carl Aikens . The tight wheels make it perfect for learning. Graphics on the deck are another prominent feature, offering you a wide spectrum of prints to choose from. Chocolate Skateboards. Zero Skateboards is one of the leading companies based in California.
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