If your FE exam prep is done, then it's time to practice your skills with an exam. Please advise. I am currently studying for the PE exam, and want to help stay refreshed on the FE Exam content by establishing this awesome community! Whether you are still in school or have kids in college, I want to … Press J to jump to the feed. Hot New Top Rising. On exam day, June 20th, I walked into the testing building, went through the process of being identified and started my test. If you can only take one reference to your Mechanical PE exam, let it be MERM! How did you do with the thermo and heat transfer questions? Velocity 3. No matter how the question is presented, if you're familiar with the concepts, you should be able to solve any problem given to you. Fundamentals of Engineering Exam Sample Math Questions. Trust me, this thing is your friend. Volume 4. These practice exams contain questions that have been used on past exams and questions written just for study materials to give you extra practice. I actually daydreamed a bit on the last question, only to come to with 3 seconds left and had to just pick an answer. FE Mechanical Practice Problems for the Mechanical ... ... Sign in I was able to take the exam within a month due to my first attempt being the end of the second testing window and the beginning of the third testing window. My school is accredited, but the curriculum was horrible. This might be common knowledge, but amidst studying for this exam, it's possible that this statement gets lost in the fray, but everyone will have their own experience with the exam. The enormous breadth of the exam doesn't help either, since you could literally encounter a new topic within the same subject every time you take the exam. Does this help clarify things a bit more? Being able to solve a problem from multiple approaches, because the exam does switch things up. After enduring this endeavor, I've come to realize something about this exam; a realization that I have not seen touched upon much in this community. These FE exam practice classes are specially designed for people who have been out of school for a while. Kinetic Energy A) I, II & III B) IV & V C) I, II & IV D) III & V You will be given 2.5 hours to complete your exam. To make you prepared for the Mechanical FE Exam you should have some mandatory practice books along with you. User account menu. In fact, I only started studying in May, giving myself a month to "refresh" myself. In the Practice exam for question 65, it asks for you to solve for pressure. I primarily used Lindburg, working through all the subjects in my free time over 3 months. The NCEES FE Mechanical Practice Exam This should be self-explanatory if you have read some of the Reddit posts here regarding the FE. I used the FE handbook to look up equations using keywords, but I would either end up missing variables or unable to find an equation at all. Here's a bunch: https://www.patreon.com/sqrpgz/posts?tag=FE%20Exam, New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast, Struggling to find resources and stay on track to take the FE Exam? Mechanical FE: practice exam vs real exam. FE Exam Prep Books / Hello Friends, I have been wanting to share with you this video for a while now. concavity of the curve. The testing center staff logged me into another computer but by then the exam had ran out of time and ended. They sent me an email asking for my undergrad transcripts which are from overseas. I only gave myself a month to study because I wanted to see what the exam was like first, yet gave myself enough time to "refresh" just in case I found out that I was able to answer the questions. For Thermodynamics, it'll basically be either a work problem or effeciency. The exam costs a pretty penny at $225 for the registration, so investing $30 in a practice exam and $20 in a study book should probably be seen as hedging your bets rather than a waste of your money. Use the PrepFE dashboard to stay … AITs are questions other than traditional multiple-choice questions. There are many ways to prepare for the FE exam, but we are going to focus on just one: your calculator strategy. Ncees practice exam has very similar feel, method and depth as exam. FE Practice Test with Complete Solutions. There are 4 testing windows, a range of 3 months to which you are able to take and retake the exam. Seeing as to how I did not recognize many of the equations and concepts in the Lindeburg book, I opted to study the NCEES practice exam, believing it to be a better representation of the exam, as I heard from reviews. I say this because after taking the exam twice, the first time being on June 20 and the second time being on July 24, my experiences with each exam were totally different from each other. It's not what you asked for exactly, but you might put those in your search. PrepFE focuses your efforts on passing the FE exam. It was nothing like my first attempt at all, including the subjects that I did not focus on at all. r/ FE_Exam. How often can u take the exam? Rising. I still had questions I was going to go back and guess on, but now they were left blank. So many thanks. I felt like I did not know anything, none of the questions resembled the practice exam and it seemed as if the exam itself covered all of the material we skipped in class. You said you mainly focused on statics and dynamics during your studying. I wasn't even able to finish the exam once time ran out. I am having my FE mechanical test mid September this year. I finished the exam right on time. For the FE Exam, you're able to take it up to 3 times within a 12 month rolling period. I have master's degrees from USA college and I sent them the sealed official transcripts. I signed up for the Mech exam. Pumps were in fluid mechanics and Thermodynamics. I’m really glad you clarify you passed the exam on the second try. Is my master's not enough? I took the Mechanical discipline both attempts; I considered the general discipline should I have received a failing score the second time around, but I'm horrible at chemistry and a lot of the topics in the general exam, so the mechanical exam was best for me despite it having more difficult material. I thought it was only offered twice a year. I wasn't a genius in school either, nor was my university at the top of the list for the best engineering programs. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. NCEES FE Mechanical Practice Exam + $60. How heavy are the problems in the 2nd session about pumps and whatnot? April and October are the testing windows. Which of the following are not an intensive property? I also practiced with my Casio fx-115ES plus calculator to get use to using it. My computer froze during the exam when I had a little over 2 min left. How to prepare for FE exam.FE review Courses, Calculator Ondemand Training, and Practice exams. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, https://home.pearsonvue.com/Clients/NCEES.aspx, https://www.patreon.com/sqrpgz/posts?tag=FE%20Exam. To pass FE Mechanical FE Exam you have to know a bit more than engineering and have to learn something extra. Smart Dashboard. Would you be able to solve the problem if given the specific heats C(p) and C(v) instead of using the universal gas constant like they did in the practice exam? I have tried to email them many times but for some reasons the email always fails. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Very close. And when I did get an answer, it did not resemble any of the answer choices. I don't understand how both of my experiences were so drastically different, but I believe that my story could potentially help some of you out there. Log In Sign Up. I want to make sure everyone, Press J to jump to the feed. Has anybody else had some similar issue?? Here's a link for you to verify should you want clarification. Just a quick explanation, when I say concepts, this is what I mean. I graduated school in December 2017 so you can consider me fresh out, but I had not been studying for the exam for that entire time. Version 10.0.1 applies to FE exams that start July 1, 2020. I did this mainly for Statics and Dynamics, because these two subjects require you to derive an equation from the situation (ie forces acting upon what). The topics covered in this section include Analytic Geometry, Calculus, Linear Algebra, Vector Analysis, Differential Equations and Numerical Methods. For example, I encountered no psychometric charts, no truss problems, and hardly any conceptual questions, definitely not as many as the first time. Even if you come across a problem you're unsure of how to solve, usually searching for a key word will bring up an equation that you can use. For reference, participants may use the FE Reference Handbookto help guide them during the exam. You would use FERM to read the material and go over some example problems, the FE Mechanical Practice Problems as your main practice problems source, and lastly, the NCEES FE Mechanical Practice Exam to help you with your timing as well as getting a … To do so, you would use the equation Pv=mRT. Here's another link. hide. I felt like I correctly answered about 85%-90% of the exam and I passed. I want to make sure everyone, Press J to jump to the feed. The NCEES practice exam was a good representation of the questions for my second attempt, but not for my first. Additionally, should you fail the exam, you may not take it again until the next exam period (2-3 months) and may not take it more than 3 times in a 12-month period. 5 comments. I was going to order one today thinking that there would be a PDF available online, but turns out that its sent as a booklet and it would take 4-5 business days to receive. I took it slow and calmly, no rushing to cram. Instead, I revisited some of my class textbooks and worked through the problems as the chapters progressed. Upon starting the test, I quickly found out that the questions were nearly incredibly easy. The FE Mechanical exam consists of 110 exam questions that cover a variety of mechanical engineering topics. My schedule stayed the same, only 3-4 hours a day during my 5 day work week, but the way I studied was different. See preview. The first time I studied, I did better than I thought, but I still struggled. You will not regret it. My second attempt, I was really relieved. This is not an exam I would want to take twice if I didn't have to. It may take only 30 seconds to answer some of the exam questions. This thread is archived. FE exam prep practice problems designed just like the NCEES FE exam and guaranteed to ensure you pass. Everything was simple and I was able to answer the questions through simply looking up the equation and plugging in the numbers. number of inflection points on the curve. My last few semesters, I gave in and used Chegg too. I looked at the Lindeburg manual for a little, but decided not to use it. Be prepared for 40 UNRELATED problems in the morning and 40 UNRELATED problems in the afternoon. Whether you are still in school or have kids in college, I want to help you pass the FE and take the next step in your engineering career. The best way to prepare for the FE exam is by practicing the same types of problems you'll see on the official exam. If you're in preparation mode, see the growing collection FE Exam Prep Free Courses and the collection FE Practice Exams. The stories of examinees passing on the first try while others needed multiple attempts did little to tell me about the exam's difficulty. Thank you all for your wisdom and insight! I haven't taken the computer based exam, but I can say that the Lindeburg books are highly regarded, especially for the PE. 100% Upvoted. Thank you. FE practice exam with free PDF of step by step solutions.FE practice problems for FE civil,mechanical,electrical, or others! Each timed practice exam consists of 50 questions and functions much the same as the actual exam. FE Mechanical; FE Other Disciplines; The computer-based FE contains alternative item types (AITs). And from my experience, the few questions that had them were fairly simple, only needing you to search for an equation. Without it, I would not have been able to pass the exam on my first try. If I could pass the exam, I'm definitely positive that anyone can with the right amount of preparation. Was surprised to get the good news this morning. This includes FE electrical and computer practice exams, FE mechanical practice exams, and the more common civil and chemical study materials. Reference materials and exam prep. Not because the book was bad, it's a very good book, but I realized that I had not covered a lot of the material in class during school. I believe that some of you may be getting harder questions/versions of the exam, which could contribute to why it is difficult for you, especially if you have been out of school for a while. Mathematics accounts for approximately 6 to 9 questions on the Mechanical FE exam. In fact, I didn't really look at them at all, I studied purely statics and dynamics. I thought the test was at least twice as hard as the NCEES practice test, and that the scope was much wider. Thanks . Contributions by Autar Kaw (Statics, Dynamics, Computers, Mathematics) Glen Besterfield (Ethics, Mechanics … NCEES offers a PE Mechanical practice exam to familiarize you with the exam format and content, including alternative item types (AITs). I bought the NCEES Practice Exam for Mechanical FE as well as the Michael Lindeburg FE Mechanical Review Manual book. Density 5. I also watched the Gregory Michaelson videos on YouTube, probably about 2 videos halfway through. Not 10 minutes into the exam I was suffering. Related information that you'll find useful includes learning how to use your calculator during exam: FE Exam Calculator, and what mark you'll need to pass: FE Exam Passing Score. That is because they can't. I didn't come across a single question reminiscent of the practice exam, for neither time I took the exam. Thermodynamics had a few cycles, I had to use a psychometric chart, and a few HVAC problems.
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