Trace the bottom rectangle of the bag onto your green paper, cut out, and hot glue to the bottom of the bag. Using my free printable you’ll be making this easy diy paper bag elephant puppet in no time. You can use white school glue or a glue stick to make your paper hand puppet. With the seam of your fold on the outside, fold your paper in half. Here in Australia the paper bags that we buy in the grocery store are rather 2-dimensional - … The color of the bag doesn't matter (you can paint it a different color... 2. Includes foam and plush pieces. These PreK Early Childhood Paper Bag Puppets Craft Projects are great for any classroom. Include your email address to get a message when this question is answered. You could make a hand puppet out of a sock by using markers or glue to decorate it. Instructions. Once you cut it out, apply glue along the top with your cutout facing up. Use these clear instructions to help your students create bag puppet animals using our fun bag puppet designs and simple paper lunch bags. Instructions are included. Cut out. Since 1 flap will be at the bottom of the puppet, no one will notice if the edges don’t align exactly. Use your pattern to cut out a fabric dress. Make some puppets and let the kids monkey around! For birds, make cutouts of feathers from construction paper. Step 1: Lay out lunch bag Lay your lunch bag down in front of you with the folded flap on top. ", "This helped me make a really cool monster.". We glue all the pieces on the bag, stuff it with a few pieces of newspaper and then attach it to a cardboard tube (such as that from paper towels or cling wrap) with masking tape. Color, cut, and glue this cute Mrs. Claus paper bag puppet. Now if you think we stopped at Chewbacca when making these fun paper bag puppets, you would be very, very wrong. See more ideas about Paper bag puppets, Puppets, Paper bag. Secure with some glue. Bring the story of the three little pigs to life with these puppets! Easy Diy Paper Bag Elephant Puppet & Free Template Ideas to Use Paper bag Puppets. Paper bag Animal Puppets - A fun owl craft for kids Messy Little Monster October 28, 2018 No Comments This owl craft is the perfect paper bag craft for preschoolers and toddlers! Just print, color, cut and glue to a paper bag. We use cookies to make wikiHow great. To manipulate the arms, trace a second cutout for each arm once you’ve cut out the first: a front-side and a back-side. Paper bag puppets have been popular with kids for ages, and these really give you a good reason to walk around and talk like a pirate, aaarrr. Can I make a object show with the simple paper puppets? Kids love using their puppets to practice reading aloud, perform puppet shows, or play with friends. If you’re looking for fun paper bag craft ideas then your in for a treat. Please help us continue to provide you with our trusted how-to guides and videos for free by whitelisting wikiHow on your ad blocker. DLTK's Crafts for Kids Paper Bag Scarecrow Puppet. Manipulate the chopstick to bend and extend the arm. *this post contains affiliate links* You’ll even find a template at the end of this article, that will help you out with some of the details for this puppet set. It’s a great time for anything related to weather, plants, and animals. You can make a puppet using a 4″ x 8″ paper sandwich bag, or an articulated paper doll using brass fasteners. This article was co-authored by our trained team of editors and researchers who validated it for accuracy and comprehensiveness. Paper Bag Puppets. ", "It helped me for my school project. Next, fold the rectangle in half so the 2 short ends meet before folding each flap down so the edges meet the center. On one side, it's all smooth. Tip: You can make any kind of animal you want, like an alligator, owl, or bunny. Fold the arm where its elbow should be to create a crease. Then simply follow the photos in the book to paint the animals. Step 1: Choose a Pattern and Print it. % of people told us that this article helped them. You can also use spray paint to coat the paper bag instead of brushing it on. Add different kinds and colors of yarn for hair. Cut out each piece along the dotted lines. Free shark paper bag puppet pattern. I needed to help cut shapes for the youngest grand but even at two she could do the gluing. When making the paper bag deer craft, be sure to attach the … It should look like an “M” or a “W.”. I would recommend older kids for this craft because it's a lot of cutting and gluing. Paper Bag Scarecrow Puppet a fun and easy craft for summer or summer camp!, instructions: for these paper bag puppets, anything goes! Start your yoda puppet by cutting out a rectangle to fit the paper bag flap with the green construction paper. Everything I wanted to know about puppet making is here. Turn a brown paper bag into this mini mouse puppet! Squeeze the glue in dots or thin lines down the length of the paper. Paper Bag Piñata. The flap will be the puppet's face, the crease will be its mouth, and the rest of the bag will be its body. Paper Bag Animal Puppets Martha Stewart. Step by step instructions are included with no reading required. Tip: To check that you made your folds correctly, look at your folded paper from the side. The instructions for this cute puppy dog are at the bottom of this post. For bird puppets, use the same method to create wings. Then insert the thin end of a chopstick (or a similarly long and tapered object, like a sharpened pencil) into the gap by the wrist. Gather your supplies. If you don’t have yarn, you can use ribbon or fabric for the hair. The color of the bag doesn't matter (you can paint it a different color later if you'd like), but make sure it's big enough for your hand to fit inside of it and not so big that it's really loose on your hand. It's a fun activity to … Records of Punch and Judy puppets date back to 1662. Take the cardstock and place it on top of the glue – make sure the piece is large enough to cover the bag before placing on. The brown ones you sometimes put snacks in seem to work quite well. Reindeer Paper Bag Craft This will be Yoda’s robe. Make jewelry, like a necklace, out of string and beads. Apply 1-2 layers of acrylic paint... 3. Reindeer Paper Bag Puppet. Color the parts, cut, and glue the pieces onto a brown paper lunch bag. If it’s still wet, the glue won’t stick. * Once ready, simple glue everything in place the painted paper bag. If printing it on paper bag colored cardstock, move onto step 2. For clothes, glue on things like fabric scraps, buttons, or a paper bow tie. Then cut a large top hat from your green paper and glue to the top of the bag… The patterns include an accessory for each little pig: a bunch of straw, a pile of wood and a brick. Keep in mind that it’s easier to use the puppet with your dominant hand. Today I made this fun lego man paper bag puppet that kids can do too! For tips on how to make a puppet out of a paper bag, keep reading! It was a nice article with video clips explaining each and every step. Color the parts, cut, and glue the pieces onto a brown paper lunch bag. Avoid using too much or applying a thick layer or it will make the paper soggy. The dress should be glued as shown in the photo below. Is there a printable cutout for the paper bag? For tips on how to make a puppet out of a paper bag, keep reading! % of people told us that this article helped them. Printing and assembly instructions: Ahead of time, cut a piece of black or dark brown construction paper to cover the front of the paper bag, glue and fit under the flap . You can also print your sea otter onto white cardstock or white art paper.. What if you want to make construction clothing? Keep the bottom flap facing up. Alternately, you can cut out a small hole here wide enough for your finger and use that as your tongue. Finally, stick your fingers into the 2 holes created by the folds to use your puppet. By using our site, you agree to our. wikiHow's. Paper bag puppets have been popular with kids for ages, and these really give you a good reason to walk around and talk like a pirate, aaarrr.
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